Woodinville Teen Arts Alliance names new officers

In front from the left are Allyssa Johnston and Anvitha Suresh. Standing from left to right standing are Clare Williams, Norah Cherry, Tessa Han, Stacey Almgren, Nicole Stremlow-Monahan, Zoey Wu, Jordan Swain, Laasya Bosukonda, Ella Moreno and Kenzie Seymour.

By Bob Kirkpatrick

Giving back to the community through art. That’s the mission of the Woodinville Teen Arts Alliance.

“That’s our main goal, Marketing Chair Clare Williams said. “It’ll take time, money and a lot of planning, but luckily we now have members of our council in specific positions that have been able to organize events. We have been able to delegate certain responsibilities, which allows us to operate in the most effective way possible.

“Our planned events so far have been to create a Youth Activity Book, paint a mural at a nearby Elementary School and run an arts and crafts fair in the spring.”

The newly appointed officers are Secretary Allyssa Johnston, Treasurer Anvitha Suresh, Youth Activity Book Chair Norah Cherry, Sponsorship Chair Tessa Han, Mural Chair Zoey Wu, President Laasya Bosukonda, Vice President Kenzie Seymour, Social Chair Ella Moreno and Marketing Chair Clare Williams. Stacey Almgren, Nicole Stremlow-Monahan and Jordan Swain are Teen Arts Alliance mentors.

“Allyssa keeps track of our meeting notes and ideas, Anvitha plans our budget, Tessa helps us gain money through sponsorships and I get the word out about events to the news and through flyers,” Clare said. “Ella plans social outings for the Alliance, Laasya oversees and delegates all operations and duties and Kenzie is next-in-charge after Laasya and runs our Instagram.

“We’ve been planning things and have been listening to other professional artists like Nicole, Stacey Almgren and Jordan for inspiration and mentoring. But pretty soon, when events pick up, we’ll start interacting with the community more and more.”


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