Police continue search for suspects in bank robberies

Banner Bank was one of two local financial institutions robbed. Suspects made off with an undisclosed amount of cash. Bob Kirkpatrick

By Bob Kirkpatrick

Two Woodinville bank robberies in mid-December have law enforcement putting in a lot of person-hours tracking down suspects.

The first robbery occurred at the Banner Bank on 132nd Ave. on Monday, Dec. 13. At approximately 2:27 p.m., a suspect entered the bank and passed a note to the teller demanding cash. The suspect then left the bank with the cash and fled the area before police arrived. Authorities reported the suspect was involved in another bank robbery in a neighboring city.

The second robbery occurred at U.S. Bank on N.E. 175th St., at 10:43 a.m. on Wednesday, Dec. 15. A suspect entered the bank, demanded cash, and implied he had a gun and would kill the teller if the teller didn’t give him the money. The teller met the demand and the suspect left with the cash. Police tracked the individual to a nearby location, but the suspect eluded deputies in pursuit and fled the area.

“Both cases are still open. King County Major Crimes is leading the investigations. They have some leads in the U.S. Bank robbery and are seeking to contact a person of interest,” Woodinville Police Chief BJ Myers said. “I’m not aware of any developments at this time in the Dec. 13 robbery (Banner Bank).

“There have been so many bank robberies in the surrounding areas the task force is working on— they’ve been very active. A reasonable expectation is we should start seeing suspects identified.”


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