Painting on loan to Woodinville City Hall

Aaron Lynn and Pam Miller stand next to the newly hung Mountain Sunrise painting. Garrett Stanley

By Garrett Stanley

Mountain Sunrise, painted by local area artist Aaron Lynn is now on display at Woodinville City Hall.

Lynn, also known as The Avid Abstract Artist, created the painting to commemorate the recent Skateboard Challenge sponsored by Sisters In Action Sports.

The 6–by–7 painting features an array of bright colors and organic shapes that draw inspiration from the Cascade Mountains.

“The Northwest has always inspired me,” Lynn said. “The trees, the mountains, the ocean—those are the things that always inspire me to do art.”

The details and a certain level of abstraction take the painting away from a traditional landscape and bring it to life. A stenciled heart, a hand-drawn sun, a splattering of paint; this is a painting where the longer you look, the more you notice.

One part of the piece that stands out is an eye shape that almost appears as clouds in the sky. It’s somewhat of a signature attribute of Lynn’s work.

“When I draw, a lot of times I start with this eyeball-esque shape,” Lynn said. It starts there— and I don’t know why but it does.”

This piece spawned at the Stoke in the Park event, which welcomed people, especially youths, to explore the intersection of art and skateboarding.

“The vision was to create a bridge between the community and alternative artists—to create some understanding of what they are about,” said Pam Miller, founder of Sisters in Action Sports. “The culture of skateboarding—they’re artists on boards—it’s a very artistic community.”

Lynn was one of the highlights of Stoke in the Park, according to Miller.

“The community was able to watch an artist in action create this wonderful piece,” Miller said.

Miller hopes this painting will help grow the Stoke in the Park event and incorporate more youth interactivity.

“The art is going to be displayed here at the city hall until it sells. The proceeds are going back into the Stoke in the Park youth participation project,” Miller said. “Instead of just having artists doing art, we will create an opportunity for youth to have the tools and support to spur their creativity as well.”

The sale of the painting, Lynn said, is an excellent opportunity to generate some secondary financial resources to give back to the kids.

Lynn recalled art was something that helped him through difficult times.

“It became my therapy,” he said. “I can release my frustrations—it gives me a place of Zen to escape to.”

Anyone interested in purchasing the painting or wanting to make a donation to Sisters In Action Sports can contact Miller at [email protected]

Visit Lynn’s Facebook page, The Avid Abstract Artist, to see more of his work.


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