Northshore School District welcomes students back to campus

Northshore School District Superintendent Michell Reid and staff from Lockwood Elementary welcome students back on the first day of school. NSD photo

By Meghan McLaughlin

September 1 marked the first day of school for tens of thousands of Northshore School District students. Armed with masks, social distancing and COVID safety protocols, everyone is finally back on campus together.

“The energy that we all felt across the school campuses throughout Northshore will continue as students and staff settle into the business of instruction and learning,” Superintendent Dr. Michelle Reid said. 

According to Lisa Youngblood Hall, Northshore School District chief communications and experience officer, the first days of school were full of joy and new beginnings. Students who had not yet met in person made new friends, and teachers learned and relearned safety protocols to ensure school buildings remain open for in-person instruction.

“A lot of exciting energy at our middle schools, elementary and our high schools,” Reid said in an update video on the Northshore School District website. “I’m really proud of our community and our attention also to our health and safety protocols. Those are so important as we want to keep our schools open full time for all of our students and staff.”

Following a summer off, Young Blood Hall said students also had to be reminded of safety protocols. She noted that staff would adjust as they see room for improvement with their students and that the district will remain flexible and ready to react to additional guidance from state and local health jurisdictions.

Just over 1,300 students started their school year virtually. 

“The staff is really working hard to lift this program off the page in a way that’s going to support all students who have chosen that option,” Reid said.

According to Young Blood Hall, teachers, staff, and administrators alike were excited to greet each new and returning student and “begin a year of adventure in learning.”

Even the youngest students, the Class of 2034, were masked up and ready to learn.

“I am so excited for our journey ahead,” Reid said. 


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