New home and design boutique opens in Woodinville

Owner Kam Gill hand-selected all the items in her new home-decor boutique. Courtesy photo

By Garrett Stanley

If you are looking for that special something to spruce up the interior of your house, Nivaas Home + Design might be the place to find it. Owner Kam Gill opened up shop at 14700 148 the Ave. N.E. at the end of November.

“Nivaas is a home-decor boutique, also offering interior design consultations, floral bouquet arrangements and indoor plants,” Gill said. “Those are the four elements of the store.”

There is a wide variety of unique pieces available at the store. Many are created from wood or metal and make incredible decorations for a home.

The shop is more aesthetic-based than hardware-based, focusing on decorating an already completed home rather than remodeling. All of the pieces featured in the store have been hand-selected by Gill.

“Some of them are found pieces, meaning vintage, others I have sourced from different vendors,” Gill said. “I hope to do more traveling in the future, and I would love to go to different markets around the world and pick out different pieces to bring back to the shop, maybe some from vintage European brands.”

Gill describes her aesthetic as simple and accessible and something for everyone to love.

“It’s a more neutral palette. I like to add the pop of color with florals with other accent pieces,” Gill said. “I love natural earthenware, things with plants, terracotta, natural pottery—things that liven the home and are therapeutic.”

Besides art, the shop also sells several house plants, a trendy purchase during the pandemic, according to Gill.

“During the pandemic, people brought in plants to their home environment. Studies show they can reduce stress and is a form of therapy,” Gill said. “It is both aesthetically pleasing and gives your mind something to do, something to care for and nurture.”

Gill is incredibly excited to bring her store to Woodinville and wants to give back to the community when she can.

“One of the main things I wanted to focus on being in Woodinville is featuring local artists,” Gill said.

Currently, Nivaas is selling pieces by Nicol Boettner and G Gelfan, who create oil on canvas paintings and Ron Alessandrini, who creates wooden art.

“He (Alessandrini) etches the pieces with this fire burning method and it looks amazing,” Gill said. “He uses all sorts of wood and he ethically sources it from all over the world. He also includes a little tag and it will tell you where the wood comes from.”

Gill thinks Woodinville is the perfect fit for her boutique.

“I’m proud that I’m in the heart of Woodinville and I’m proud to be a part of the community. It was something we need—I think it’s the missing piece in this wine district,” Gill said. “It’s something to bring the community together besides wine tasting. I would love to influence more little boutiques to be owned by Woodinville people.”


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