Babies of Homelessness team up with the Northshore Rotary Club for diaper drive

Team members from the Northshore Rotary and Babies of Homelessness gathered at the Kenmore Safeway to collect diapers and wipes on Saturday, Aug. 21. Meghan McLaughlin

By Meghan McLaughlin 

Efforts of local nonprofit Babies of Homelessness to provide essentials for struggling families in the area were a huge success on Saturday, Aug. 21, as people donated 8,000 diapers, more than 80 packets of wipes, 18 cans of formula and $302 in cash at their booth at the Kenmore Safeway.

“Diapers, wipes and formula are considered basic needs for children, and sadly, on public programs and other programs in the state, diapers are not covered,” said field operations manager Rosa Elings. “Parents have to decide what they’re going to spend their money on—utilities or diapers or food.”

Babies of Homelessness, working with the Northshore Rotary Club of Bothell and Kenmore, projects to distribute over 300,000 diapers in 2021, so this drive is just a fraction of its impact. The 25,000 diaper goal is the equivalent of about 200 boxes of diapers. 

“The need for diapers had risen drastically since COVID,” Elings said. 

The organization requested diapers size four and larger as those sizes are in the highest demand. In Babies of Homeless’ first grocery store drive, shoppers received a ‘wish list’ at a booth as they walked into Safeway. They dropped off contributions on their way out of the store at one of two booths. 

An hour into the drive, Babies of Homelessness had collected a quarter of their diaper goal, right on track. Safeway patrons were eager to help, especially since diapers were on sale. 

According to Elings, Safeway helped support and promote the event. Since May, babies of Homelessness had been working with Northshore Rotary when the organization pitched the idea to rotary members. The group wanted to help, but COVID-19 restrictions limited efforts until now. 

Elings manages a storage unit and keeps track of the inventory of donated items. She also delivers to individual families who benefit from Babies of Homelessness. She knows the importance of early childhood essentials from her direct experience with the families. 

“We try to at least take the need away for diapers with those families,” Elings said. 


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