About Us

Northshore News is a community-driven locally owned news source founded by Bob Kirkpatrick. His commitment to its readers is to provide relevant, timely and balanced local news and sports coverage in Woodinville, Bothell, Kenmore and surrounding communities.

Bob is the Publisher and Editor of Northshore News. He is an award-winning journalist and photographer with a 16-year history in the media industry, working for both daily and weekly newspapers in Washington state.

Bob is a relationship builder. As the former managing editor of the Woodinville Weekly, he earned the trust and respect of key individuals in local area communities as illustrated in the testimonials that follow:

“Bob Kirkpatrick is a superb reporter. He brought the talented writing and investigative skills usually found in large urban community media to our small bedroom community northeast of Seattle. He is uncompromising in his integrity, thoroughly researching issues, and providing balanced reporting that is so critically important these days. Bob approached his role as a community-builder, not just a writer and editor, but an accurate synthesizer and amplifier of voices on issues not always heard.”

—Robin Crowder, co-Director, 21 Acres

“Woodinville and neighboring communities have been extremely fortunate to have Bob Kirkpatrick reporting on local events. He has raised the bar a great deal in terms of timely, broad, and deep coverage with accuracy and objectivity.

“Bob has taken time to build relationships in the community and radiates a strong conviction for the importance of news media as the first draft of history. Our community is lucky to have someone who knows the job so well and executes it so conscientiously.”

—Susan Boundy-Sanders, Woodinville City Councilperson

“You’ve been a huge ally and advocate for us and I am very grateful for all you have done. Let me know if there’s anything I can do to help.”

—Brooke Knight, CEO Northshore Senior Center

“You’ve been such an advocate for all of us in so many ways.”

—Brenda Vanderloop, Woodinville Business Consultant